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10 Stylish Linear Drain Grate Covers for Elegant Bathrooms

Stainless steel linear drains are equally functional and aesthetic, aligning your bathroom to your taste and design vision. While how these horizontal shower drains work is given, choosing the most fitting grille panel pattern could take a few hours if you’re not aware of your options. To help you screen the best shower drain design, we came up with the 10 best grate cover designs that best suit an upscaled bathroom.

1.  Flat Pattern

A plain drain cover with a flat design is a sought-after pattern among those with luxurious taste. Despite its simplicity, a flat or matte stainless steel linear drain is the key to an invisible shower drain floor–a bathroom design concept popular among home renovators looking to modernize their shower areas.

Another key feature of this pattern is that the drainage channels are positioned on the sides of the cover. This makes it easier to hide the cover by adding a tile insert. In this sense, the flat pattern is hailed as the most versatile design for a grille panel.

Pro tip: The flat grate cover is your best choice if you’re aiming for a Scandinavian-inspired or Nordic bathroom. These designs highlight minimalism and parallelism, which shy away from loud elements such as crazy-cut patterns.

2.  Wave Pattern

Grate covers with wave patterns can break the monotony in your shower floor. The design is simple but hard to miss. It’s an ideal choice for those planning to position their stainless steel linear drain below the shower head, as the pattern can stand out on its own. Plus, you get versatile options in design. Wave patterns can vary in size and angle.

3.  Leveling Line

If you love the wave pattern but want a more unique take on the design, the leveling line could be a good fit for your taste. It has the curves of the waves with small gaps that make the pattern look more modern yet elegantly subtle–ideal for an opulent home.

4.  Line Pattern

Simple as it may be, the line pattern can elevate your shower floor for its clean-cut design. You also have various options for this pattern, be it longer, more spaced out, and specifically numbered lines. The true beauty of this design sticks out in wet rooms with geometric style, close-to-nature theme, and even period bathrooms.

5.  Bubbles Pattern

Bubbles belong in the shower, and so as on the stainless steel linear drain cover. While they may appear like standard dot patterns, the artistic plots of the bubbles raise their aesthetic value in bathrooms with industrial themes. On top of that, you can have the panel in a particular color if you plan to incorporate shapes and colors into your shower floor.

6.  Capsular Grate Pattern

You may think that a grate cover with a capsular pattern is more functional than stylish, but you’re most likely missing the angle of pairing it up with rustic and industrial designs. You’ll find horizontal shower drains with capsular designs in shower rooms with stone walls or bare concrete.

7.  Wire Grid

You can be plain or quirky with a wire grid stainless steel channel drainage. For example, you can choose this pattern for a genuine period design like the Art Deco style of the 1960s. On the other hand, you can paint your bathroom floor by adding a guitar figure and making the grate cover the neck part of the instrument. Let your imagination run wild.

8.  Floral Pattern

This sakura flower pattern above provides a clean yet artistically designed grate cover for bathrooms that keep singular themes. For example, if you’re into naturalistic styles, this is overtly suited if you don’t intend to hide the horizontal shower drain. On the other hand, you may aim for a minimalist style with a note of delicate elements.

9.  Irregular Pattern

We may have mentioned the minimalist style numerous times above, but we can’t ignore its equally excellent part–maximalism. If you plan to incorporate many elements in your new bathroom, the irregular pattern should fit right into your concept. This design is unique yet fits various concepts, like retro, youthful, and futuristic styles

10.  Tempered Glass

The tempered glass drain cover is a flat pattern but has a different texture and composition. Since it’s made with safety glass and comes in neutral colors, it’s a fine choice if you want a hidden drain channel with a standout panel. You can skip adding a tile insert to highlight its presence on the shower floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do drain grate covers come with color options?

Yes, stainless steel grate covers also come in various colors, from dark copper and chrome to rose gold and antique bronze. If your color palette is vintage or Renaissance-inspired, you can achieve this vision by considering a gold linear drain cover grate or panel.

How should I choose a stainless steel linear drain design?

When deciding which cover design you’d like for your stainless steel linear shower drain, consider your overall theme. For example, if you’re aiming for a modern, edgy bathroom, go for a flat pattern that will make the horizontal shower drain invisible. On the other hand, if you have a more whimsical theme in mind, try the floral or irregular patterns.

What are other things to consider when buying a linear shower drain?

Aside from aesthetics, you also need to take into account functional factors before buying a shower drain. Consider the size of the panel, the outlet type, its location on the floor, materials, and, of course, your budget. Our guide on how to choose the best drain for your shower can help you make an informed decision.


One of the crucial selling points of stainless steel linear shower drains is the diverse set of cover designs. Although the popularity of invisible shower drains made flat patterns in demand among home renovators, other options fit versatile themes and overall design visions for the shower area. Don’t get restricted with limited grate cover pattern choices. Check out our collection of aesthetically pleasing shower drains.

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