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Buyer’s Guide to the Top Adjustable Linear Shower Drains in 2024


Linear Shower Drains that are adjustable have become the new trend in design of showers. These drains are aesthetically appealing being modern in design and also very functional in their work. In this buyer’s guide, you will learn what an adjustable linear shower drain is, what benefits it offers in comparison with traditional drains, how to assemble it, where to place it, and what manufacturers to trust, with examples of YZDRAIN.

What is an ALSD?

An adjustable linear shower drain is one that can be adjusted for size and position so as to accommodate various shower sizes and shapes. In contrast to point drains that are often installed in the middle of the shower floor, linear drains are installed along one side making it a better water drainage system.

This feature makes it easy to fit as it can easily be adjusted to suit the design of the shower that one intends to install. This flexibility is very essential in custom bathrooms where it is often impractical to use standard sizes. Linear shower bases allow for customizable slope to prevent water accumulation, lessen the chance of slipping, and create a more aesthetic appearance.

Comparing Traditional and Linear Shower Drains

Linear shower drains have numerous advantages over the conventional shower drains. They can effectively manage large volumes of water, which makes them suitable for installations in larger showers or wet rooms. Second, their elongated shape means that fewer slope changes are needed in the shower floor, which can simplify the installation process and produce a nicer final look.

Similar to the standard linear drains, adjustable linear shower drains have their advantages but with the extra flexibility. It can be ordered in different sizes depending with the size of the shower to ensure that it fits well and provides adequate drainage for the water. These features make them especially useful for distinctive or asymmetrical showers.

The Assembly of Adjustable Linear Shower Drain

  • Preparation: Assemble all required tools and equipment. Make sure you will use an adjustable linear drain, a waterproofing membrane, thin-set mortar, a notched trowel, and tiles.
  • Positioning: Determine where your drain will be located. Linear drains are usually installed along one of the shower walls or at the shower’s entry point.
  • Install the Waterproofing Membrane: Install the waterproofing membrane on the shower floor and up to the walls. This step is highly important as it helps in avoiding cases of water damage.
  • Secure the Drain Base: Install the drain base in the correct manner which has been indicated by the manufacturer. Check that it is upright and not wobbling.
  • Connect the Plumbing: Connect the drain base to the current pipes. Tighten all connections to minimize leakage.
  • Apply Thin-Set Mortar: Apply a thin layer of thin-set mortar on the waterproofing membrane using a notched trowel.
  • Place the Drain: Place the adjustable linear drain in such a way that it sits on top of the mortar. Lengthen or shorten it according to the size of your shower to create a perfect fit.
  • Tile Installation: Apply the tiles around the drain area and make sure it is even or parallel to the edges of the drain.
  • Grout and Seal: After the tiles have been placed, grout should be spread over the area in order to fill the gaps. To ensure that water does not leak through the edges, seal the edges properly.

Where do I Install Linear Drain in Shower?

In order to facilitate proper water management, it is necessary to place the linear drain correctly. Ideally the drain should be the other end of the room as the wall where the shower head is fixed. This placement makes it possible for water to drain directly without forming pools on the floor.

The Proper and Aesthetic Placement of Expert Tips

  • Against the Shower Wall: Laying the drain along the shower wall also gives a neat appearance and does not take up much space.
  • At the Shower Entrance: It is particularly suitable for easy access in showering zones and for preventing water from splashing out of the shower.
  • Center Alignment: To provide a more symmetrical look, the drain should be aligned with one side of the shower. This method is suitable for showers that are quite large or walk-in wet rooms.

Top Players of Adjustable Linear Shower Drain Market

Some of the well-known manufacturers are those producing quality adjustable linear shower drains. Here are some examples of the best in the industry:

  • YZDRAIN: YDRAIN is a recognized company that has come up with stylish and functional products that meet high quality and efficiency standards. Different models of their adjustable linear drains are also easy to install, very resistant, and available in different designs to complement most bathroom designs.
  • Infinity Drain: Linear drains are also available in adjustable models at Infinity Drain. This company has a reputation for making stylish and highly efficient products.
  • Schluter Systems: Schluter Systems is a well-known and reliable company that offers a wide range of linear drains that are easy to install and to clean. Their adjustable drains are versatile as well as durable.
  • QM Drain: QM Drain offers an exclusive line of linear drains that are both decorative and practical. These adjustable options consider the requirements needed in installation while offering both beauty and functionality.


Selecting an adjustable linear shower drain will certainly take your shower to a whole new level. These drains are characterized by sophisticated appearance, proper water handling, and versatile applications. When you choose a manufacturer such as YZDRAIN you acquire a long-lasting product that makes the bathroom elegant and serves its intended purpose efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an adjustable linear shower drain?

An adjustable linear shower drain is also a drain that can easily be adjusted as far as its length is concerned so that it can cover the required shower length and style while draining water effectively and in style.

What is the mechanism behind adjustable linear shower drains?

These drains function in the manner where you can control their size in relation to the size of your shower. They are usually fitted along one side of the shower with the purpose of ensuring that the water flows directly to the drain area.

What are the benefits of installing an adjustable linear shower drain as compared to a conventional shower drain?

Linear shower drains with adjustable lines are more effective in handling water, are sleek, and more versatile than point drains.

How do I fit an adjustable linear shower drain?

Installation includes preparing the shower area, installing the drain, connecting water supply, applying mortar, placing the drain, installing tiles, and sealing the edges.

Where should linear drain be positioned in a shower?

Ideally, a linear drain should be installed along the wall where the showerhead is not located or at the floor of the shower to provide a barrier-free entry.

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