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How to Install Wall Recessed Linear Shower Drain?

When carrying out bathroom renovations or even constructing new houses, the type of drainage system to be used is a significant factor that dictates the efficiency and design of your shower enclosure. The wall-recessed linear shower drain is one of the market’s most cutting-edge and practical shower drains. For example, YZDRAIN offers excellent drainage solutions and wall-recessed, visually beautiful linear drains. Now let we know how to install and maintain a YZDRAIN wall recessed linear shower drain let’s examine its advantages.

1. The Basics of Linear Shower Drains

Find out the characteristics of wall-recessed linear shower drains and the benefits of selecting YZDRAIN as the new standard for bathroom comfort and decor.

1.1 What is a Wall Recessed Linear Shower Drain?

A wall-recessed linear shower drain is a contemporary flush-mounted drainage fixture that lies flat on the shower wall. These elongated depressions allow water to run through a narrow opening along the wall. This type of design is plain and sleek and is commonly applied in most contemporary bathroom designs.

1.2 Benefits and Features of YZDRAIN Wall Recessed Linear Shower Drains

The option of wall-recessed linear shower drains provided by YZDRAIN comes with the following features: These drains are of the highest quality workmanship possible, are very durable, and are available in various fashionable finishes to complement the tiles. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced Water Flow: A further role ensures adequate water drainage, reducing water buildup and slippage.
  • Low Maintenance: Lateral drainages are clean and less likely to clog.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: For fans of contemporary interior design, the bathroom features a modern and classy look since its design and layout are simple yet elegant.

2. Preparing the Shower Room for Installation

Learn some measures you must implement when installing a wall-recessed linear shower drain in your bathroom.

2.1 Pre-Installation Checklist: Tools and Equipment Needed

However, some tools and equipment may be necessary before you start installing your YZDRAIN wall recessed linear shower drain.

  • Measuring Tape: This helps determine the installation area’s size to ensure the drain fits correctly.
  • Level: To make sure the drain and the shower base are placed so that there will be proper water drainage.
  • Silicone Sealant: It was utilized to enclose the area surrounding the drain and ensure no leakage or moisture formation occurs.
  • Tile Saw: It is used to make tiles fit in the shape and size of the drain to which it is to be fitted.
  • Mortar Mix: Sometimes, the shower base can be needed to level or slope depending on how the water should run.
  • Screwdrivers and Wrenches: These are necessary for making proper interconnections of mating parts.
  • Pliers and Pipe Cutters: These shall also fit and adapt the plumbing to the new drain.
  • Safety Gear: During cutting and installation, protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and masks are worn.

2.2 Preparatory Works Before Drain Laying

Proper preparation of the installation site is one of the most important stages that should be considered before beginning the installation process.

  • Measure and Mark: First, it is necessary to determine the area in which the drain will be laid. To do this, a pencil or chalk is required, and a line must be made on the surface to show where and how the drain will be arranged. This enables one to follow subsequent installation procedures with ease and also provides a picture of how the final installation will look like.
  • Inspect and Prepare the Plumbing: Look at the current plumbing layout. If required, change or extend the plumbing layout to fit the position of the new drain. It may be necessary to alter existing pipes or install additional segments to properly link the drain to the house’s waste management system.
  • Floor Preparation: Ensure that the area where the drain will be fitted lacks any hindrances. Remove the floor covering and clean the floor for all debris found on the floor. Please ensure the subfloor is level and stable; use mortar to incline them slightly toward the drain for better water shedding.

3. The Installation Process

Discover in this guide how to install your YZDRAIN wall recessed linear shower drain, starting with the preparation and finishing touches necessary for proper functioning.

3. 1 Step-by-Step Guide: Wall recessed linear shower drain installation

  • Step 1: If the marked area is to be painted, it should first be cleaned to eliminate dust, rust or debris. If needed, spread a layer of mortar over the base to flatten it and make it even.
  • Step 2: Position the drain unit on the marked lines. Ensure that a level is properly positioned against the wall and the floor and is exactly horizontal.
  • Step 3: Screw the drain in place as provided by the manufacturer or as required by the plumbing plan of the building.
  • Step 4: The drain must be connected to the plumbing system. Make sure that all the joints are hermetically connected with the help of waterproof glue and sealants.
  • Step 5: To verify whether the drain has been installed correctly, pass water through the drain to ensure it drains well without leaking.

3.2 Special Considerations & Tips During Installation

  • Waterproofing: The general environment of the drain should be made as waterproof as possible. Ensure you use high-quality silicone when sealing around and under the drain, as this will help avoid water damage and leakage.
  • Tile Cutting: The next step is to measure and mark the tiles placed around the drain to be cut. It is important to use a wet tile saw to make the cuts as neat as possible and ensure the tiles fit around the drain tightly, giving the installation a more desirable look.

4. Post-Installation

Know what to do after the drain installation to ensure it functions effectively and improves your bathroom environment.

4.1 Verification of Installation Efficiency

It is also crucial to monitor the efficiency of the drain once it has been put in place. Check for staining or discoloration that may indicate pooling water or leaks and fix them to avoid water damage.

4.2 Retaining YZDRAIN Wall Recessed Linear Shower Drains

Maintenance is easy—simple cleaning avoids dirt accumulation, and the sealant around the drain should be checked occasionally for longevity and proper looks.


Selecting YZDRAIN wall recessed linear shower drains brings a contemporary style to your bathroom and ensures a high-functioning and quality drainage system. If you are going for DIY or hire a contractor, the right installation and maintenance of these drains will complement your bathroom renovation and remain as helpful as they are beautiful for many years.


How frequently should the linear shower drain be cleaned?

Ideally, it would help if you cleaned your linear shower drain every month at the very least. Regular cleaning also helps ensure the shower is always clog-free, and the drainage system works perfectly.

Can the YZDRAIN wall recessed linear shower drain be installed in existing showers?

Yes, the YZDRAIN wall recessed linear shower drain suits the new and existing showers. However, installation may call for alteration of some of the plumbing features and may also demand a change in the shower floor to allow for proper installation.

What is the warranty period on YZDRAIN products?

YZDRAIN products are sold with warranty terms, which means the company is responsible for manufacturing defects up to five years from purchase. This warranty reassures customers that their products are of high quality and will last long.

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