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Pros and Cons of Linear Shower Drains

When you are picking a drain for your shower, there are two main kinds. One is the traditional type with one hole in the middle. The other kind has a long line in the middle of the floor. While both have their advantages, linear shower drains provide unique benefits that make them preferred by many distributors and suppliers. In this blog post, we will discuss the good and bad things about linear center drain. This can help you decide if they are the right choice for your business.

An Overview of Linear Shower Drains

Linear shower drains are becoming more popular because they look modern and cool. These drains feature a long, linear channel that is installed close to the wall in the shower area. The water goes down the channel into one spot. This makes it easier for the water to flow away and stops it from getting clogged up.

A linear shower drain makes it easier to take care of your shower. You don’t need to worry about having different drains that are harder to keep clean.

Key Takeaways

Linear shower drains are better than round ones. They make it easier for water to flow away from the bathroom floor and they don’t get blocked.

These drainage systems do not cost a lot of money or take a long time to install. This makes them one of the cheapest options.

You can use these drains in almost any application, and you can adjust them if needed. Despite the extra planning and cost needed, square showers can add a modern charm to any project. Keep this in mind when considering if they’re right for your bathroom transformation!

The Pros of Linear Shower Drains

Here are some of the main advantages of using a linear shower drain:

Modern Look and Feel

Linear shower drains are sleek, modern-looking fixtures that fit into any contemporary space. Linear shower drains come in many different styles. You can choose one that goes with the look of your business. They have a simple design and make your bathrooms look classy and stylish.

Easy Installation

Linear shower drains are very easy to install. You do not need to do any complicated or expensive changes. Measure the space and cut some tiles.

Some linear shower drains come with adjustable feet so that you can adjust them if needed. This makes installation even more straightforward!

Functional Benefits

Linear shower drains are popular because they look nice and work well. They have sloped channels that take the water away from your feet, so you don’t get wet when you’re in the shower. These drains are better than traditional round ones, which can get clogged . Linear drains make sure the water flows away from your bathroom floors.

Drainage systems do not need a lot of money to fix. So they are cheaper than other types of drainage systems.


Linear shower drains are helpful. They can be used in bathrooms, spas, and even people’s homes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to install them because it doesn’t take much work.

The Cons of Linear Shower Drains

Placing linear shower drains farther from the wall is necessary because they are longer, requiring more planning than traditional point showers.

If your customer wants a bathroom with a special design, the plumber might need to add extra pipes. This could cost more money if it is difficult to do.

So before starting a project with drainage systems, think about how much it will cost. Plan for this money. Linear shower drains usually cost more than regular shower drains, so make sure you save enough money for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much slope do I need for a linear shower drain?

According to the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), a linear shower drain must have a 1/4″ per foot least slope. This means that for every foot of drainage, the pipe must drop at least 1/4 inch to ensure proper water flow and effective drainage.

The amount of slope needed for pipes can be different. Bigger pipes need less slope than smaller pipes because they can carry more water. The right slope also helps stop clogs from forming over time.

How far should the linear shower drain be from wall?

Linear shower drains need to be no more than 6 inches away from the wall. This will help the water go down , stop it from splashing out of the shower, and make it easy to clean. Use a level or measuring tape to make sure that the drain is even with the floor and at the right distance from the wall.

Does a linear drain need to go wall to wall?

No, linear drains do not necessarily have to go wall to wall. You can install a linear drain anywhere in your bathroom, provided it is far enough from walls and other obstacles for effective water drainage.

When you plan the drain, think about what it will look like. Think about designs or patterns that could change where the drain should go.

Does a linear shower drain need a trap?

No, linear shower drains do not need a trap. Traps are used to keep bad smells and gas from going into the bathroom, but this is not needed for linear shower drains because they have a special part that stops gas from getting out. It is good to put an air gap or overflow vent near the drain so water does not back up. This vent should be connected to a pipe with fresh air or fan system.


Distributors and suppliers can help customers update their bathrooms with a linear shower drain. It is easy to maintain and looks modern. It will make the bathroom look good without sacrificing functionality or style. When installing linear shower drains, you need to plan extra. They usually cost more and come in different lengths. But with careful thought and budgeting, it is possible to install them in people’s bathrooms.

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