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Where Should a Shower Drain be Place

It’s important to install an effective drainage system in your bathrooms. It helps keep your family and your workers healthy and safe. The drainage system maintains a dry and clean shower floor. The best way to take care of this is to install a shower drain. But it’s vital to think about where the drain will be placed when installing it in a shower. The majority of shower issues arise from improper drain placement. When a shower doesn’t drain well, water may come up into the shower. This can cause many kinds of problems. The problem can have a big impact on hygiene and could cause water damage.

When a house is being remodeled, strange questions can come up. Where should a shower drain be placed in one of these questions. This is important because a well-placed shower drain will be more useful. It’s best to put a shower drain in the middle or lowest area of the shower floor. The linear shower drain should be placed in this sloped area for maximum drainage. This article can help you answer your question, “Where should a shower drain be placed?” Let’s start!

Where Should a Shower Drain Be Placed?

It’s important to keep in mind that the shower drain must be placed at the lowest point of the shower area. But it might not be easy to figure out where that is. The base of a slope is where a shower drain will be at its lowest point. It may take more work to locate this slope. But, you are able to identify where this low point is by using a leveling tool. Water needs to go down for the drain to work well. This becomes easy when you put the shower drain at the lowest point.

 It also helps keep the water from getting stuck in the shower or building up. This is necessary if you want your shower to work well. Also, it keeps your shower from getting damaged. It also slows the growth of mold, which can happen when water sits for a long time. When using linear shower drains, you have the option of placing the drain at the back wall or at the entry.

Different Styles of Shower Drains

The only factor used to categorize linear drains for showers is where they are placed. Every shower drain style has a number of parts and does the same job. Read carefully and choose the one that best suits you.

  • Point Drains

Point drains are the common drains used in the majority of residential showers. They are not only reasonably priced but also easily accessible. Most of the time, they come in a circular shape. This is the reason why it takes work and trimming to put them on a tiled floor. The latest point drain versions also provide the option of square shower drain gates. They are also easy to set up. These drains work best when installed in the center of the shower floor or near the wall. In both cases, water flows down because the bottom has a slope. These drains are also commonly used in showers of a smaller size. It also makes it easy to hose down and deeply clean.

  • Linear Drains

The linear shower drains have a flush grid that ends at the floor. Because it is long and rectangular, a lot of water can go down the drain quickly. This makes them a popular choice for showers in places like gyms and sports centers that get a lot of use. A linear drain is long and rectangular, and it goes all the way along a wall. So the flooring in a shower equipped with a linear drain will slope in just one way. Water naturally flows towards the drain because it extends the entire length of the wall. The sloped side gives you a wide range of bathroom tiles to choose from. Because there is no need to cut the floor in any way. Also, they enhance the overall look with their unique positioning techniques.

Different Types of Shower Drains

Shower drains are available in single, three, and multiple-piece designs. How and where they are set on the shower floor makes a difference.

The installation of a one-piece shower drain is one of the easiest drain setups. The drainpipe must always be placed right under the recessed part of the pipe socket. This places it directly below the tile. After that, the strainer can be attached to the top. These shower drains are all one piece, so they don’t have a lot of parts. They work wonderfully in a tiled shower base set over concrete subfloors.

  • Three-Pieces Shower Drains

If your bathroom has a hardwood subfloor that is prone to decay and mildew. The 3-piece drains for showers are a good choice. There are three parts to its installation. You can adjust the settings based on the tile thickness. The shadow pan goes on top of the part in the middle. It’s an important part of how the drain works as a whole. The bottom part fits into the drainage pipeline. The final piece will go on top. The three-piece drain can serve as both a floor drain and one with height adjustment.

  • Multi-Piece Shower Drains

The most difficult Stainless Steel Drain Shower to install are multi-piece drains. There are so many parts to connect properly. The parts include a filter, a locking ring, a gasket, a screwed drain body, and a locking nut. They all serve different functions. It is advisable to assign the task to a professional. But you can do that if you know how. These drain parts are usually put under the shower floor and linked to the drain pipe.


Showers come in a variety of sizes and depths. It should be easy to figure out where to place a shower drain in the shower area. You or a licensed plumber can find the proper drain placement areas by rules and regulations. You can practically install these shower drains at any point in your shower. The most crucial instruction to remember is to place your drain at its lowest point. You should be able to find a little slope once you have found the lowest point. This makes it easier for the water to go downhill. You should install your drain here.

The shower drain is a critical but commonly overlooked part of any shower setup. We have given you all the details you may want to know about where to place your shower drains. We hope this data will help you select the best shower drain for your renovation. Also, if you have any questions or want to purchase high-quality shower drains. Then, you should contact the yzdrain team. You can choose from a wide range of shower drains at Yzdrain. We hope you find the answer to your question, “Where should a linear drain in shower be placed.

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